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Lizzy’s story to a happy pregnancy and beyond

Lizzy’s story to a happy pregnancy and beyond

My interest in Nutrition and its impact on fertility and health began when trying to conceive in my early 30s.  I was stressed out, exhausted and oblivious to the impact my diet and lifestyle were having on my overall health and, more importantly, my fertility.

Unfortunately the baby making didn’t go according to plan and years of fertility treatment followed. Whilst on that crazy roller coaster I started investigating what changes we could make to improve our chances of conceiving and was overwhelmed with the amount of information available on the internet, on social media and in fertility forums.  Sadly much of it is contradictory and not scientifically based, adding to an already stressful situation.

I returned to University to study Nutrition and to retrain as a Nutritional Therapist when our twin daughters started school (yes, we eventually became parents!).  I wanted to understand the science behind nutrition, how it affects our health and importantly why individuals might have different nutritional needs.  The ability to assess and interpret scientific data to help personalise advice was both challenging and empowering but essential to fully support my clients.

The human body can only function fully when nourished properly and the choices we make every day can have a direct impact on our physical health, immunity, digestion, energy and mental health.  Each of these can significantly affect our fertility, our chances of conceiving and also maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

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