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5 things to do in the week before starting IVF

5 things to do in the week before starting IVF

After weeks, months or sometimes even years of waiting you’re finally about to start a cycle of fertility treatment. It could be your first attempt or you may well have traveled this path before. To help you feel prepared here’s a list of the 5 most common things clients have done (or wish they’d done!) during the week before they began treatment. Good luck!

1) Clear your diary.

Once treatment commences the clinic is in control. They will tell you when you need to be there for monitoring, scans and blood tests. Some clinics will give you a day or two’s notice, some will call you and want you there straight away. If you’re juggling work or other commitments this can be extremely stressful. Accepting the need for flexibility and remaining calm is key.

2) Don’t forget the cat!

If you have older children or pets at home, make arrangements for them so you can focus on yourself and not having to rush home to let the dog out or feed the cat. Appointments can overrun and you may need to wait around longer than expected.

3) Be prepared

Allow time for travel and car parking. Plan your route and if you’re in a strange town or city have a practise run before the day if possible. Have some change ready for the car park. Pack a book, magazine or download some music or a favourite podcast onto your phone. Bring a snack and a drink so you don’t have to rely on hospital vending machines if you’re waiting around (although you may need to attend scan appointments with a full bladder).

4) Eat a healthy balanced diet

Eating a nutrient dense, well balanced diet can help support energy levels, immunity and overall health. Avoid excessive amounts of sugar and processed foods. Now is not the time for crash diets. Dehydration can affect the normal functioning of the body so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. Most clinics recommend drinking 1-2 litres of water a day during treatment.

5) Rest

Some people sail through IVF with few side effects, others find it very difficult. Low energy levels and anxiety are both commonly reported. Leading up to treatment find the time for relaxation and allow yourself to rest to prepare your body. Sleep is the body’s way of recharging and repairing so try and go to bed earlier and keep up the early nights over the coming weeks.

Have I missed anything? Leave any comments below! For more detailed personal advice on how diet and lifestyle can help, get in touch to arrange your free 15 minute discovery call.

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